Mobile Testing Practices

Mobile Testing Practices

Jekyll + Netlify

Jekyll + Netlify

Jekyll + Netlify

So I bought a website domain almost 2 years ago and I din’t have a website. It happened before already. I’ve had a domain, I renewed it and I had no website. Eventually I bought a template and published a static site by changing some html.

I know if you are reading this you probably have done the same once 👀

As a programmer I want to have a website AND I don’t want to do it from scratch.

I really like simple things and I like to write plain text. Jekyll lets you to generate static sites with markdown files.

So my setup is like this:

  • Jekyll - the static site generator
  • Lanyon Theme - an open source pretty Jekyll theme
  • Github - where the site is “stored”
  • Netlify - publishing and hosting tool

How does it work?

  • You link Netlify to your Github repo
  • Netlify will use your config to publish on new git pushes
  • You write a post or change something on your site
  • You commit it to your Github repo
  • Netlify will detect the changes and will publish your website

How much does it cost?

  • You can host it in your Github public page by free
  • If you prefer, you can purchase a website domain to have your custom URL
  • Jekyll is free
  • Netlify will be free to your static site

So it’s simple and might even be free :)

Many thanks to jsmp that introduced me these tools some days ago ❤️